Seminars Overview

Project Interchange seminars are geared toward leaders and opinion makers from across the globe and various segments of society. Our more than 6,000 alumni include members of Parliament, political advisors, print and broadcast journalists, clergy, diplomats, civic and policy leaders, academics, and youth organizers.

Each seminar reflects the unique approach of Project Interchange. Our educational goals are nonpartisan and apolitical.  We believe that Israel’s achievements, diversity, aspirations and challenges require no intermediary.  They are best conveyed by Israeli policymakers, journalists, and governmental officials themselves in their own words. Project Interchange seminars are challenging and promote dialogue, offering multiple perspectives on complex issues. To this end, groups also meet with Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

Our seminars are customized, reflecting the professional interests and national backgrounds of participants. This approach is facilitated by input from AJC’s (American Jewish Committee) 35 international field offices and 18 global partnership organizations.

Though thematically unique, all seminars provide a thoughtful window into Israeli society, culture, and politics. Participants discuss and debate key foreign policy questions with Israeli leaders. They hear a range of viewpoints and exchange knowledge on best practices in areas like immigration policy and counter-terrorism. Last but not least, Project Interchange brings individuals face-to-face with many of Israel’s most important historic, religious, and archaeological sites.

Project Interchange takes pride in the quality and integrity of its seminars—and our alumni have responded to that commitment by remaining in touch, recommending our program to colleagues, and relying on Project Interchange for information on issues related to Israel. Upon return, participants engage with their local Jewish liaison and/or AJC office. Their interactions often result in presentations, published articles, interviews, and a demonstration of the knowledge of historical depth and analytical skills which reflect their enhanced understanding of Israel’s complexities.

Project Interchange brought its first group of international leaders to Israel in 2002. Since then, Project Interchange’s international program has expanded significantly.